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It’s time for the 227th meeting of the American Astronomical Society! A number of BDNYC members are there to present talks and posters so be sure to check them out! In this post we list the times and dates various posters/talks so you can go check them. We’ll be posting links to the posters as well once the conference is over.

On Tuesday, listed alphabetically by last name, we have:

Munazza Alam (Tuesday, 142.16)
High-Resolution Spectral Line Analysis of Unusually Red and Blue L Dwarfs

Munazza Alam (Tuesday, 139.06)
Understanding the Intrinsic Properties of SDSS Galaxies

Cam Buzard (Tuesday, 142.15)
Quantifying K Band Spectral Shapes of Brown Dwarfs and Planetary Mass Objects

Sara Camnasio (Tuesday, 142.12)
Quantitative Spectral Morphology Analysis of Unusually Red and Blue L Dwarfs

Kelle Cruz, Carolina Galindo (Tuesday, 145.03)
Comparative Analysis of Age Indicators in Young M and L dwarfs

Haley Fica (Tuesday, 146.05)
FIREhose: Reducing data from FIRE

Paige Godfrey (Tuesday, 142.17)
Atmospheric Properties of T Dwarfs Inferred from Model Fits at Low Spectral Resolution

Ellie Schwab (Tuesday, 145.07)
A Million Years Young: Determining the Age of 11 Young Brown Dwarfs

And for Wednesday, we have:

Sara Camnasio (Wednesday, 248.01)
Exploring the Full Spectrum: the Power of Combining Art and Science

Joe Filippazzo (Dissertation talk, 210.02D)
Fundamental Parameters and Spectral Energy Distributions of Young and Field Age Objects with Masses Spanning the Stellar to Planetary Regime
On Stars III: Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets; 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Nate McCrady, Emily Rice (Wednesday, 245.13)
A Concept-Oriented Custom Lab Manual for Astronomy 101

Emily Rice, et al. (Wednesday, 248.02)
Expanding the Universe of “Astronomy on Tap” Public Outreach Events

Summer Ash, Emily Rice, Paige Jarreau (Wednesday, 248.03)
STARtorialist: Astronomy Fashion & Culture Blog and Reader Survey Results

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