BDNYC at Cool Stars 19


The 19th meeting of the Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun (aka, Cool Stars) will be taking place in a weeks time and BDNYC will be there! If you’ll be joining Cool Stars in Uppsala, Sweden, here are the various places you can meet BDNYC members and learn about our science.

On Monday morning, be sure to check out the talk Constraints on the Fundamental Properties of Substellar and Planetary Mass Objects by Jackie Faherty.

In the afternoon, check out the splinter session The Brown Dwarf to Exoplanet Connection, which is led in part by BDNYC members Jackie Faherty, Kelle Cruz, and Emily Rice. In the Star Clusters from Space, From the Ground, and Over Time splinter session, Stephanie Douglas will present a talk on Testing the Rotation-Activity Relation with the Hyades and Praesepe at 4:20pm.

We also have the following posters throughout the conference:
K2 rotation periods for low-mass Hyads and implications for Gyrochronology by Stephanie Douglas

Fundamental Parameters of Young and Field Age Objects with Masses Spanning the Stellar to Planetary Regime by Joe Filippazzo and Emily Rice

Atmospheric Properties of T Dwarfs Inferred from Model Fits at Low Spectral Resolution by Paige Godfrey

Too Cool for Stellar Rules: A Bayesian Exploration of Trends in Ultracool Magnetism by Ellie Schwab